CHECK IN – CHECK OUT HOURS: the apartment is available from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
The keys should be returned before 11:00 am.

PAYMENT: A deposit of 30% of the rent is required at time of booking systems as a deposit. This advance will be deducted from the total . You need to make the payment by bank transfer.
The remaining part of the rent  should be paid at least 3 days before arrival.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations result in the loss of the entire amount of the deposit. Cancellation or departure prior to the expiration of the lease does not provide any refund.

PETS: Pets are allowed in the houses prior approval.
The owners are responsible for removing their droppings as well as any damage done. Pets are not free to jump on the furniture.
Each indication of pets got on the furniture may lead to a further additional fee for cleaning.
All pets must be vaccinated, with a recent updates of vaccinations, especially for rabies.
A preventive care for worms is seriously recommended. All animals should be trated with a pesticide three days before arrival.
Fleas are very common in this area and can carry infectious diseases harmful or even fatal to humans and animals.
All these conditions are placed under the responsibility of the owner of the animals concerned.
The proprietors of “Casetta di Ugolino” are not responsible of wounds or illnesses that guests and their pets if these conditions aren’t respected.

CLEANING: there is no daily housekeeping service.
The bath linen and bed linen are provided only on the date of arrival.
The Final cleaning kitchenware and cooking are the responsibility of the host. If not done will be charged € 20.00 during the check out.

SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments.
However you can only do in the outdoor areas, in respect of other guests.

PARKING: Parking is limited to 2 vehicles per apartment.
The vehicles must be parked in special designated areas. It is not allowed to park in the unpaved road.
Vehicles parked illegally are subject to removal.
Any fines or removal shall be charged on the vehicle owner.

LAUNDRY: The laundry room is located at the area box, is shared with the other guests of the house. You must close and lock the door every time the laundry is not in use.

FIREPLACES: the fireplace is a natural non-vented combustion.
Please do not throw into it plastic or other fuels in the fireplace.

WATER: the showers are fed from a tank directly connected to the aqueduct.
Please DO NOT DISCARD anything except toilet paper in the exhaust systems.

GARBAGE: The municipality of Radicofani includes a separate collection for paper, plastic + aluminum + glass, and undifferentiated. The undifferentiated garbage must be thrown in the bin at the beginning of the unpaved road.
The paper, plastic + aluminum + glass can be disposed of in the bins that are located in the small town of Radicofani.

WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS: Any exception to the above rules should be approved in advance. Thanks for your cooperation.

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